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Meet Your Hosts

Get to know more about the hosts of the retreats at Beyond Asana.

Laura teaching yoga on the beach with students in a seated side bend

Laura Bicker

Is a Forrest and Yin Yoga teacher based in the North East of England.  Laura came to Forrest yoga over 20 years ago when she met her teacher Jambo Truong.  

"I was drawn to the challenge of Forrest yoga it gave me so much more than any yoga I had experienced before. It also took hold of me slowly changing my mindset in a way that has allowed me to develop a deep level of strength and confidence."

Laura is also a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with over 20 years experience supporting women and couples through infertility using acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.  

Laura is also a trained Sound therapist and enjoys bringing together all the elements of her experience and teachings into her offerings.

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Iain Bruce-Low

Is a Forrest and Yin Yoga teacher based on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.  Iain has worked for over 20 years in the wellness industry offering transformations in his home town.

Iain is also an advanced Reiki Master, qualified in ceremony, meditation, mindfulness and sound therapy.  Iain is also a trained bodyworker.

Iain enjoys weaving together his skills to bring about bespoke transformative treatments, allowing clients to work through deep levels of stored trauma in the body.

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